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Guest Rant of the Week: You’re Pregnant, Not a Superstar!

Rant of the Week IconBy Cantake Nomore

Trish and I work together and are around the same age.  Trish has always wanted to have children and has openly talked about it, so when her and her husband were trying and having problems, I genuinely felt bad for her.  Trish ended up going to a fertility specialist, having a procedure done and was successful.  She is due in a month.  Unfortunately, it feels like she has been pregnant forever.

You see Trish likes to have not just a bit of the limelight, but the whole limelight.  When Trish had the procedure done, the whole office heard about it.  There was nothing left to our imaginations.  She let anyone and everyone know EVERYTHING.  Not only did you get to hear the story directly from her once, you got to hear it every time someone new walked into the office.  It has been this way throughout her pregnancy.  She throws up, her stomach has grown an inch, she is disappointed because the gender of the baby is not what she was hoping for (seriously?!) – we hear about it ALL.  And, if we don’t hear about it directly from her, we hear about it when she is loudly telling the latest pregnancy news to whoever walks into the office.

With Trish everything can be related back to her pregnancy.  These days I can’t even make eye contact with her.  I made that mistake once and got sucked into her telling me how awful she feels and what a horrible pregnancy she is having.  I had simply looked at her to ask if she had much more photocopying to do.  She even tried to use our city’s recent flood crisis to get sympathy for herself.  A friend and I ran into Trish at the grocery store.  Talk naturally turned to the flood and how bad it was.  “Especially when you’re pregnant,” Trish said pointing to your belly.  “Actually, I think it’s especially bad for people who live in the flood plain and had to be evacuated from their homes!”

Any sympathy, empathy and then excitement I ever felt for Trish has been replaced with annoyance and the need to avoid her at all costs.  I realize that not all pregnant ladies are like this.  There has been an explosion of pregnant people in my office, but unfortunately Trish is the one who stands out to steal the limelight.

7 Responses to Guest Rant of the Week: You’re Pregnant, Not a Superstar!

  • Kate says:

    Ugh, I’m so sorry for you.

    This isn’t the nicest thing in the world, but I feel like if your coworker wanted a child so bad that she saw fertility specialists and underwent procedures, she can’t complain too much about pregnancy. My sister-in-law tried for 2+ years to get pregnant, saw fertility specialists, and had 2 miscarriages before finally getting one that “stuck”. Yet all she did was complain that she couldn’t drink, how the pregnancy wasn’t “the right time” (I guess she was trying to plan which month the kid was born?), etc. I totally understand there are some pretty crappy aspects about pregnancy, but considering
    the effort that was required to get pregnant, shouldn’t you just appreciate the fact that you ARE pregnant?

    Btw, was she this much of a Me-Monster before the pregnancy?

    • Scott says:

      See the recent Time Magazine article and its mention of “glamorous martyrdom.” This Trish sounds like a good example.

  • Movie Goer says:

    This is a few years old but this song seems fitting for this topic:

  • Stephanie says:

    Wow – when people say that the childfree are selfish, I want to show them stuff like this. She isn’t happy with the gender of the baby? You’re not allowed to be unhappy with the gender of your baby. It’s not about YOU. It’s about a human life you’re bringing into this world and you have every responsibility to care for that child with every ounce of your ability and love them for everything they are, male or female, gay or straight, healthy or handicapped.

    I just couldn’t believe that when I read it.

  • Scott says:

    Have some sympathy for Trish. She’s obviously the first woman in human history who ever went through a pregnancy….

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