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Guest Rant of the Week: Baby-Crazy Admins

Rant of the Week Iconby Peter Gibbons

I work in an office where one of the administrative staff leads the charge in celebrating every birth in the company. She sends out birth announcements and even has a bulletin board in the hallway with baby photos of everyone’s kids, grandkids, even nieces and nephews. Have a baby, or get someone pregnant, or be related to someone who had a baby, and you can get your name on the board.

She sends a lot of work-related e-mails, and at the end of every one of her e-mails, on every subject, there’s the standard eco-friendly sustainability signature line, something about how we should think about alternatives to printing out e-mails and give a second thought to whether you really need a print copy of an e-mail. You know, to conserve resources and show some respect for the earth.

So, here in my Inbox is the latest birth announcement, and at the end of the announcement is a plea for ME to be careful in MY decisions that may affect the environment. I don’t think she noticed any irony here, but I did. An announcement of the arrival of ONE MORE AMERICAN CONSUMER into the world, and _I_ need to be more considerate of the planet by choosing carefully how I use the laser printer? My vasectomy is the greatest carbon offset anyone could claim. I’d have to print out a lot of pages to equal the ecological devastation of bringing another person into the world.

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