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Happy Holidays from the Maybe Lady!

For those of you whose holiday card stack is dominated by photos of babies, here’s one of a few adults acting like children:

Maybe Lady Holiday Photo

10 Responses to Happy Holidays from the Maybe Lady!

  • nikkiana says:

    Happy Holidays! :D

  • Amy M says:

    Thank you for this! Our mantlepiece is absolutely covered in toddler x-mas cards and even though I’m not totally sure I even want kids anymore, it does make me feel a little empty or something to look at them. Your card is a good reminder that life is perfectly fun and full without kids too! I definitely enjoyed driving PAST Toys-r-Us this season and not having to dive into the scrum and fight with the teeming masses of crazed parents. Instead we drank wine by the fireplace and did a lot of uninterrupted napping!

  • Another Marie says:

    I’m a parent and I think Toys R Us is the most horrid place on earth. Just for the record.

    • Maybe Lady
      Maybe Lady says:

      I think anyone over the age of 14 probably agrees with that sentiment!

      • Scott says:

        I think it’s cruel to take a kid to Toys R Us. Especially if you don’t buy anything after all. That’s like taking your dog behind the meat counter for an hoor and not buying anything.

  • Kate says:

    I too received several Christmas cards with pictures of babies/toddlers. What really bugged me is that these cards are signed like “From Bob and Susie”, but only shows a photo of Junior. What happened to Bob and Susie?

    Fine if you want to show me your chubby 6 month old wearing a Santa hat, or be like “hey, look at this awful goofy face my 3 year old is making”, but then choose a collage option and pick at least one group picture to go with the child-only picture.

    Christmas is supposed to be about friends and family – so I would like to see my friends in the photos WITH their children. Several of my friends, even friends who love and desperately want kids, were also peeved about this issue this year.

    • Maybe Lady
      Maybe Lady says:

      Could not agree more! It’s so weird for me to pin up all the cards and take a sweeping look and say, “Wait, I don’t really recognize half these people!”

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